Today Sony announced the pricing for its new console in Brazil. R$3999, or US$1842. The news fell like a bomb. The problem is, not long ago in the 2013 E3, the beloved Jack Tretton (Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO) was interviewed by the brazilian gaming media and said he acknowleged the princing problems due to taxing in Brazil, but that Sony was aiming to a sales price very close to the american pricing. That obviously turned out to be a lie since the prices are completely apart from one another, even considering exchanges and taxes. This brings back memories. The PS3 launch price in Brazil was R$7000,00. How much? US$3225. YES, three thousand bucks!

The question now is, how will the brazilian market behave to this hideous price, since Microsoft's Xbox One will be available on November 22 for RS$2200,00 or US$1013. Roughly half the PS4 price.

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